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Importance of gutters for the preservation of a co-ownership building

Imagine returning home after a heavy rainstorm, only to find water damage in the common portions. This scenario underscores the importance of properly maintained gutters. Gutters are an essential element for your condominium building, helping to protect it against climatic hazards. Without gutters, the building is exposed to water infiltration risks that can damage common areas and cause significant damage. A blocked gutter may sag, allowing water to infiltrate through the roof. If your gutters…...



Inspection of facades taken lightly

Law 122 was adopted in 2013, making facade inspection by an engineer or architect mandatory for certain types of buildings. Despite this, it is surprising to note that many building owners still seem to be unaware of these regulations, or even deliberately neglect them. Why is there still so much hesitation about this inspection which could prevent disasters? In this column, I will explain the importance of inspecting the facades of a building and the…...



The importance of caulking in co-ownership

Ensuring the longevity of a co-ownership building requires ongoing vigilance, especially when it comes to the maintenance and repair of common areas. These responsibilities, which fall to the board of directors, are crucial for the building's longevity. Among these, caulking holds a preeminent place. This delicate operation is vital for effectively countering recurrent water infiltration problems, thus ensuring the building's waterproofing and preserving its structural integrity. Therefore, rigorous maintenance is indispensable....



Le coût élevé de la négligence

Mon équipe et moi avons récemment été sollicités pour intervenir au sein de la copropriété Alouette*. En effet, cette copropriété s’était vu refuser son renouvellement d’assurance et avait besoin d’être redressée : une vraie catastrophe ! Rendus sur les lieux, on pouvait comprendre la décision de l’assureur : la négligence et le déficit d’entretien étaient assurément élevés. Dans cette chronique, je plongerai dans les détails des problématiques trouvées dans cette copropriété et proposerai un plan…...



Construction « under the table » in co-ownership

  In compliance with its legal obligations to preserve the building, a syndicate of co-owners is frequently called upon to retain the services of contractors over the years to carry out, among other things, conversion work in the common portions. In this regard, the directors forming the board of directors of the syndicate have the obligation to act with prudence, honesty and loyalty and in the interest of the community of co-owners, in accordance with Article 322 of the Civil…...



Water Infiltration in co-ownership

February 11, 2024 - Water infiltrations, often subtle and insidious, can persist for a long time before being detected. They sometimes manifest under very specific weather conditions, and it can take years before a new infiltration occurs, as all the factors came together at that moment for the water to seep in. Identifying and acting Infiltrations refer to the penetration of water into the structures of a building, such as walls and floors. If not…...



Impacts en France de la Loi climat sur les transactions immobilières

La Loi française « CLIMAT ET RESILIENCE » provoque un débat passionné parmi les professionnels immobiliers et le public concernés soit les propriétaires de logements d’habitation qui ne sont pas suffisamment isolés et vont être interdits de location ou d’augmentation de loyer tant que les travaux ne sont pas faits. Les transactions immobilières se bloquent. Les propriétaires cherchent à se débarrasser de leurs logements, mais attention !  ...



Prevention Instead of Cure: The Situation at SDC Square Cartier

Every step of a construction project is crucial to its success. The Square Cartier co-ownership, which has recently been the subject of a lot of media coverage, is the perfect example of a poorly planned construction project. Indeed, it seems that the preliminary phases of this project suffered from a lack of research and analysis, leading the co-ownership to the situation it is in today: uninsurable and drowning in claims. In this column, we'll analyze…...



Trust qualified professionals

August 5, 2023 - Experience in building envelopes is a crucial factor, especially in the current context marked by the stringent requirements of the Building Chapter of the Safety Code (CBCS). Given the obligation for condominium associations to conduct periodic inspections, choosing a qualified professional becomes essential. This particularly resonates with my 35-year journey as an architect who has developed solid skills in this field. Despite my extensive experience, I remain humble and aware of…...



Dossier Pimbina : comment prévenir les désastres ?

28 avril 2023 - Le cas de la copropriété Pimbina est une réelle catastrophe pour ses nombreux copropriétaires. Les nombreux problèmes de qualité des constructions résidentielles au Québec sont bien réels. Plusieurs acteurs de l’industrie voient depuis longtemps la fumée à l’horizon et s’époumonent à crier au feu, mais nos institutions semblent souffrir de cécité et de surdité. Au quotidien, nous aidons des copropriétés qui subissent les coûteuses conséquences de problèmes de qualité datant de la conception…...

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