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Water detection: a good thing or a necessity?

On February 28, 2024, we gathered for a captivating evening on our Webradio entirely dedicated to a current topic of crucial importance for all condo owners: water detection systems. Is it simply beneficial or absolutely necessary? We delved into the heart of this question with distinguished guests, including Me Yves Joli-Coeur, emeritus lawyer and partner of the Dunton Rainville firm, and Mr. Charles-Antoine Carra of Gaudreau Assurances, and Ms. Sandrine Brousseau of the Vigilance Group....



The insurance trustee, Who? When? How?

On Tuesday February 13, 2024 at 7:00 p.m., we addressed a complex subject regarding co-ownership claims: the role of the insurance trustee. Following a significant loss" in co-ownership, the law requires the intervention of an insurance trustee to manage the compensation, thus ensuring the repair or reconstruction of the building, protecting the interests of all. It is It is therefore crucial to choose a competent and confident trustee, who benefits from the support of building…...


Webradio Condolegal from January 31, 2024: Maintenance of common areas: who is responsible?

On Wednesday January 31, 2024 at 7:00 p.m., we addressed the issues related to maintenance and the distribution of costs associated with common areas, whether they are for general use or for restricted use. Remember that the nature of divided co-ownership is to divide the building into various lots which are the exclusive property of the co-owners (private portions), and for others which are the property of all the co-owners (common portions)....



Webradio from January 17, 2024: How to make assemblies pleasant?

The meeting of co-owners is the gathering of all the co-owners, to make the decisions necessary for the sustainability of the building and the proper functioning of the co-ownership. It constitutes one of the two decision-making bodies of the union. This must be held at least once a year, but it can take place as often as necessary. You should know that life in co-ownership requires that co-owners or their representatives meet, from time to…...



Webradio Condolegal from December 13, 2023: Co-ownership regulations

The theme of this broadcast on December 13, 2023 was co-ownership regulations, a subject which concerns administrators, co-owners and managers alike and which often raises questions and debates. Remember that co-ownership regulations are the set of rules that govern the operation, organization and management of a co-ownership....



Webradio from November 29, 2023: How to deal with burglaries and other criminal acts in co-ownership?

  On Wednesday, November 29, 2023, it was about the management of measures aimed at countering theft and other offenses within a co-ownership. You should know that the common areas of condominiums are not always properly secured against burglars, even when they are amateurs. However, technical solutions and relatively simple behaviors make it possible to slow down - or even deter - criminals. The point of securing the building is to avoid theft, but also…...



Webradio from November 15, 2023: Purchase-sale in co-ownership

The web radio of November 15, 2023 focused on the challenges surrounding buying and selling in co-ownership. Remember that article 1068.1 of the Civil Code of Québec, resulting from Bill 16, will in the near future require greater transparency during a co-ownership transaction. The attestation document provided for in this article will address specific questions on the "state of the co-ownership", so that buyers can get out of the fog before acquiring an apartment held in divided…...



Webradio du 1er novembre 2023 : Gestion des différends en copropriété

Le mercredi 1er novembre 2023, il était question de gestion des différends en copropriété et notamment de la mise en œuvre du Projet de loi 8. À la suite de l’adoption, en mars dernier, de la Loi visant à améliorer l’efficacité et l’accessibilité de la justice, notamment en favorisant la médiation et l’arbitrage et en simplifiant la procédure civile à la Cour du Québec, les administrateurs se questionnent sur la gestion des contentieux. Or il…...



Webradio of October 25, 2023: The challenges of administering a co-ownership

On Wednesday October 25, 2023, it was about the challenges surrounding the administration of a co-ownership. Various questions arise in this matter. What are the conditions for submitting your candidacy as a director? What are the terms and conditions specific to the position of administrator? Do directors have to sign a confidentiality agreement? How to reduce or increase the number of administrators? Management regulations: what are they? Is remuneration of directors a possible solution? What…...


Webradio du 11 octobre 2023 : La gestion des sinistres en copropriété

Le mercredi 11 octobre 2023 (à 19h), lors de la traditionnelle webradio de Condolegal, il était question de la gestion des sinistres en copropriété. Un incendie, un dégât d’eau ou un acte de vandalisme en copropriété constitue des situations qui peuvent être complexes et stressantes tant pour les copropriétaires que pour les membres du conseil d’administration. Ces types de sinistres mettent en cause plusieurs parties, des obligations légales et divers contrats d’assurance. ...

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