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Webradio du 12 juin 2024 : Piscines en copropriété divise

Le mercredi 12 juin 2024, de 19h00 à 20h00, ne manquez pas notre prochaine session spéciale de la webradio Condolegal, dédiée aux piscines en copropriété divise....



Recours judiciaires contre un syndicat de copropriétaires (webradio)

Le mercredi 5 juin 2024, nous étions réunis pour une session spéciale de la webradio de Condolegal, consacrée aux recours judiciaires contre un syndicat de copropriétaires. ...



Carnet d'entretien en copropriété (webradio)

Le mercredi 22 mai 2024, notre webradio de Condolegal était dédiée à un outil indispensable pour la pérennité et la bonne gestion d'un immeuble : le carnet d'entretien....


Les bornes de recharge en copropriété (partie 3)

Le mercredi 8 mai 2024, de 19 heures à 20 heures, nous avons eu le plaisir d'accueillir une nouvelle édition de notre Webradio, cette fois-ci consacrée aux bornes de recharge en copropriété, un sujet qui a suscité un intérêt croissant, à tel point que nous l'avons abordé pour la troisième fois !...



Webradio du 24 avril 2024 : Gestion des travaux en copropriété

Le mercredi 24 avril 2024, de 19h00 à 20h00, ne manquez pas notre prochaine session de webradio Condolegal, entièrement dédiée à un sujet complexe pour tout syndicat de copropriété : la gestion des travaux en copropriété....



Practical guide to buying in co-ownership

On Wednesday April 10, 2024, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we gathered for a Condolegal webradio where we dealt with issues relating to co-ownership transactions, a notable challenge in the residential real estate sector....


Roles and responsibilities of co-ownership administrators

On Wednesday March 27, 2024, we gathered for an enriching webradio session dedicated to co-ownership administrators. This interactive session was an unmissable opportunity for all administrators who wish to deepen their understanding of their roles and responsibilities, especially in light of recent legislative developments with PL16 and PL141. We addressed this delicate subject in the company of Me Ghislain Raymond and Me Pierre Zeppettini, both co-ownership lawyers, who shared their expertise on the best practices…...


Minutes: balance between transparency and confidentiality

On Wednesday March 13, 2024, we gathered for an enriching webradio session dedicated to a crucial question for boards of directors: the art of drafting and communicating minutes while respecting the Act on the protection of personal information in the private sector. How can we reconcile the necessary transparency and the protection of privacy?...



Water detection: a good thing or a necessity?

On February 28, 2024, we gathered for a captivating evening on our Webradio entirely dedicated to a current topic of crucial importance for all condo owners: water detection systems. Is it simply beneficial or absolutely necessary? We delved into the heart of this question with distinguished guests, including Me Yves Joli-Coeur, emeritus lawyer and partner of the Dunton Rainville firm, and Mr. Charles-Antoine Carra of Gaudreau Assurances, and Ms. Sandrine Brousseau of the Vigilance Group....



The insurance trustee, Who? When? How?

On Tuesday February 13, 2024 at 7:00 p.m., we addressed a complex subject regarding co-ownership claims: the role of the insurance trustee. Following a significant loss" in co-ownership, the law requires the intervention of an insurance trustee to manage the compensation, thus ensuring the repair or reconstruction of the building, protecting the interests of all. It is It is therefore crucial to choose a competent and confident trustee, who benefits from the support of building…...

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