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Insurances of the syndicate

Your co-ownership is exposed to various risks, such as fire, water damage, theft and vandalism. When a loss occurs, the insurance of the co-ownership covers the immovable and the civil liability of the syndicate of co-owners. The syndicate has the obligation to subscribe this type of insurance. The Law and the vast majority of declarations of co-ownership make it compulsory. The insurance contract describes the guarantees offered, their limits, exclusions, and the amounts of the…...


Insurance of horizontal co-ownership

Whether semi-detached or row, the townhouse is a good compromise between the typical co-ownership apartment and the single-family home. This type of project is established in "horizontal co-ownership". Each of the fractions is composed of a private portion (usually a house) and a share of common portions (the land). Each co-owner is the owner of his private portion "from nadir to zenith", while the common portions are usually limited to traffic lanes, parking lots and certain…...


Insurance of the directors

The director plays a leading role in a co-ownership. As a mandatary of the syndicate of co-owners, he ensures the smooth running of the immovable’s day to day business, which implies a working knowledge of the tasks related to this key function. As such, directors must act with prudence, diligence, honesty and loyalty, and never lose sight of the co-owners community interests. The members of the board of directors thus evolve in a legal environment where their…...


Insurance of Meeting Officers

The appointment of meeting officers is necessary to hold a meeting of co-owners.The range of their titles and functions are without limitation: president, vice-president, secretary and scrutineer. Although the functions of each of these speakers are distinct, their purpose is to ensure that the debates are properly conducted and that they are transcribed in the minutes in order to record the decisions taken. It is the declaration of co-ownership, in the chapter By-laws of an immovable that provides the rules to…...


Insurance of the manager

The tasks of the condo manager are numerous. The latter may be mandated to manage the immovable, and thus ensure its preservation and maintenance; implement the decisions of the board of directors; settle major losses, take out the insurance required for your syndicate, but also to enforce the by-laws of the immovable. Therefore, his civil liability may be invoked. If he is at fault, he is exposed to recourses or claims for compensation, whether by…...


Insurance of the co-ownership-manager

The day-to-day administration of the syndicate may even be entrusted to a co-ownership manager who may, but need not be, chosen from among the co-owners. The syndicate of co-owners can thus delegate to the co-ownership manager other tasks and responsibilities that are generally the responsibility of the board of directors (collect the syndicate's claims, publish a notice of legal hypothec on the fraction of defaulting co-owner, instituting legal proceedings for all matters concerning his administration,…...


Insurances of the Co-owner

When you own an apartment in a co-ownership, you share the common portions, such as the roof, the lobby and the elevators in undivided ownership with the other owners. By the same token, you also share a portion of the liabilities attached to them....


Lessee’s insurance

Contrary to other jurisdiction, Québec Law does not compel a lessee to subscribe “home insurance” which, in the event of a loss, covers his property and his civil liability. This “negative-obligation” becomes a problem if your lessee causes damages to a third party and he is not insured. In such cases, the declaration of co-ownership can hold you (the co-owner) solidarily liable for the damages he has caused.   Civil liability Your lessee is liable…...


Insurance deductible

Almost every insurance policy includes deductibles, in varying amounts according to the insured risk (e.g. fire and water damage). In co-ownerships, deductibles are a factor in the Building insurance, and in the third party liability insurance of the syndicate, directors, general meeting officers, co-ownership manager (gérant) and of the condo manager (gestionnaire). Regarding co-owner’s insurance, generally each home insurance policy contains one or more deductibles for various amounts according with the nature of the loss.  ...


Self-Insurance Fund

Syndicates of co-owners must set up a liquid and available short-term Self-Insurance Fund. The purpose of this fund is to anticipate and finance, in particular, expenses relating to the carrying out of future work following a disaster. This fund, mandatory under article 1071.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec, became necessary because of a substantial increase in (deductible) insurance deductibles. The amount of these deductibles was previously negligible most of the time, whereas today it…...

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