Definition : Syndicate of co-owners

Legal person representing all the owners of an immovable subject to the divided co-ownership regime.The syndicate of co-owners is governed by Civil Code of Québec and  its purpose is the preservation of the immovable, the maintenance and administration of the common portions and the protection of the rights belonging to the immovable or the co-ownership, as well as all business in the common interest. This legal person must, in particular, see to it that the work necessary for the preservation and maintenance of the immovable is carried out.

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Guide des acronymes et abréviations clés en copropriété

En tant que membre du conseil d'administration de notre syndicat de copropriété, je suis fréquemment confronté à une variété de documents et communications qui emploient divers acronymes et abréviations propres au secteur de la copropriété. Dans le but d'améliorer ma compréhension ainsi que celle des autres membres du conseil, et…...

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What is a syndicate of co-owners?

The syndicate acts as a legal person bringing together all the co-owners of the building and not each of them individually. The Civil Code of Quebec (C.c.Q.) provides that the syndicate of co-owners arises, by operation of law, at the time of publication of the declaration of co-ownership in the Land register. With the powers devolved to it by…...



Creation of a divided co-ownership

Whether you are a real estate developer (for a new building) or several owners of an existing building who wish to convert it, the rules for subjecting a building to divided co-ownership are the same. The creation of a divided co-ownership is necessary when an immovable must be divided into…...



Syndicate of co-owners

    The syndicate of co-owners, as a legal person, has  juridical personality, which allows it to contract with third parties, hire employees, hold and dispose of property or exercise legal remedies to protect its assets and ensure the defense of the collective interests of the co-owners.He plays a crucial…...



What are its powers?

The powers of the syndicate are designed according to the collective interest of the co-owners and find their limits in respect of the individual rights of the co-owners guaranteed by the declaration of co-ownership and by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (e.g.: the inviolability of the home). These…...



What is the tax regime of a syndicate of co-ownership?

The tax status of a syndicate of co-ownership As with any legal person, a syndicate of co-owners has tax obligations to respect under penalty of consequences that could have a significant impact on the financial situation of the co-ownership and the co-owners. Although governed by specific rules set out in…...

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Can it be held civilly liable?

In the same way as any other natural or legal person, a syndicate of co-owners is likely to incur civil liability towards third parties, including co-owners. Responsibility is the counterpart of power: where authority lies, there is responsibility. A syndicate must therefore act with prudence and diligence, taking the necessary measures to prevent accidents normally foreseeable,…...



Duties and obligations of a syndicate of co-owners

The Civil Code of Québec confers juridical personality on the community of co-owners. Article 1039 of the Civil Code of Quebec provides that as soon as the declaration of co-ownership is published, the community of co-owners constitutes a legal person called a syndicate of co-owners. Those duties and obligations are…...