Definition : Share (common portion)

Share in the right of ownership that each co-owner holds in the common portions. This right of ownership is determined in accordance with the relative value of each fraction. The share is generally expressed as a percentage or thousandth, in the constituting act of the co-ownership.

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Revision of the relative value and the allocation of expenses

Any co-owner may have the relative value of their fraction, as well as the allocation of common expenses, revised according to certain conditions and formalities. To do so, it is necessary to proceed with an appeal to revise the relative value of the fractions. Furthermore, a co-owner may wish to…...

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Common expenses: allocation and collection

The co-ownership gives rise to expenses relating to the maintenance of the common portions and the day-to-day administration of the syndicate. Administrative, maintenance, replacement, improvement or alteration expenses of the common portions are divided among the co-owners of the immovable. General common expenses are to be distinguished from particular common…...



Relative value of a fraction

Divided co-ownership is a housing formula that usually has more than one owner.  In order to assess and quantify the interest of each person in the building, the legislator has provided that the right of ownership of each owner in the common portions is proportional to the relative value of his…...



Virtual meetings of co-owners

The COVID-19 health crisis and its procession of government restrictions to limit gatherings have often made it impossible to regroup. The legislator was forced to organize the rescue of legal persons, banned from assemblies, to preserve, at least for a time, their functioning. The syndicates of co-owners have thus adopted…...



Divided co-ownership (‘‘condo’’) and undivided co-ownership

If you are shopping for an apartment, ask yourself if it is located in a divided or undivided co-ownership. Although these two concepts are similar, as they ultimately aim to share the same building by several people called co-owners, the legal and financial implications are not the same. These two…...



Co-ownership fraction

In divided co-ownership, the right of ownership is divided, among the co-owners, by "fractions", each comprising a materially divided private portion (e.g. a residential unit, a parking or storage space, and sometimes even a plot of land) and a share of the common portions. To each fraction is attached an undivided right…...



Webradio du 29 mars 2023: Répartition des charges communes

La webradio du mercredi 29 mars 2023 a porté sur le mode de répartition des charges communes entre les copropriétaires. La copropriété donne lieu à des dépenses relatives à l’entretien des parties communes et l’administration courante du syndicat. Les coûts d'administration, d'entretien, de remplacement, d'amélioration ou de transformation des parties communes constituent des…...