Definition : Publication

Operation of publicizing a deed related to an immovable (e.g. a deed of sale, a deed of mortgage loan or an indivision agreement). The publication of a deed in the Québec Land Register allows it to be set up against third parties. The publication may also constitutive of a legal person. Thus, as soon as the declaration of co-ownership is published, the community of co-owners of an immovable is constituted as a syndicate of co-owners.

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Creation of a divided co-ownership

Whether you are a real estate developer (for a new building) or several owners of an existing building who wish to convert it, the rules for subjecting a building to divided co-ownership are the same. The creation of a divided co-ownership is necessary when an immovable must be divided into…...



Declaration of co-ownership

The declaration of co-ownership is an agreement that organizes and regulates the collective life of the of the co-owners and occupants of the building. This agreement defines their rights and obligations. As it is an authentic act, it must be received by a notary. The declaration of co-ownership is often…...

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The notary is a jurist with the task of public officer, who ascertains the free and informed consent of the parties. The notary also has the role of legal adviser. It therefore protects consent. The intervention of the notary is very important when purchasing an apartment in a divided co-ownership.…...



Legal hypothec of construction

When you buy in a newly built divided co-ownership, a portion of the fractions of the building (apartment, parking or storage space, etc.), or even all, can be the subject of a notice of legal hypothec of construction. The Civil Code of Quebec introduced this hypothec in order to protect…...



Types of meetings

Whatever the type of building they have chosen, all co-owners, without exception, are called upon to participate in meetings of co-owners. Thus they can vote on the questions on the agenda, and take various decisions necessary for the sound operation of the co-ownership. The co-owners are called upon to meet periodically for questions…...