Definition : Minutes

Document in which are transcribed the deliberations of the Board of Directors and the result of the vote and the counting of the votes on the resolutions tabled. Article 1086.1 of the Civil Code of Quebec states that the board of directors must transmit to the co-owners, within 30 days of the meeting, the minutes of any decision made during a meeting. This article must be read with article 1086.2 of the Civil Code of Québec, which provides for a legal proceeding for any co-owner or director for annulment or modification of a decision of the board of directors. In addition, the minutes are part of the documents produced in the register of co-ownership. It must be made available to any co-owner who requests it.

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Optimal management of a co-ownership (condominium) is rooted in the meticulous keeping of a register and so, in accordance with section 342 of the Civil Code of Québec; this register, partially accessible to co-owners, contains vital information for the proper functioning of the co-ownership such as the contact details of the co-owners as well…...



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