Definition : Fraudulent acts (fraud)

Serious misconduct in the exercise of a mandate (director, provisional director, condo manager). Such acts of misappropriation include several types of serious misconduct such as embezzlement, diversion of assets, and accounting or financial frauds (e.g. falsification of accounts). In the case of fraud affecting a syndicate of co-owners, any interested party can ask the court to determine if the directors who participated in the misdeed or have made a profit therefrom are liable for the damage suffered by the syndicate.

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Insurance of the co-ownership-manager

The day-to-day administration of the syndicate may even be entrusted to a co-ownership manager who may, but need not be, chosen from among the co-owners. The syndicate of co-owners can thus delegate to the co-ownership manager other tasks and responsibilities that are generally the responsibility of the board of directors…...



Condo manager

Responsible for the orderly management, the manager plays a key role in a co-ownership. Its function is generally under the authority of the board of directors. Similarly to the directors, his function ensues from the preservation of the immovable for which he is responsible. The objective is to ease the…...



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  Your co-ownership is not immune to fraud. It may be defrauded by directors, co-owners, condo managers, service providers and third parties. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be wary of the behavior of potential suspects. You should not indulge in a witch hunt, however, some warning signs…...



Mandate’s term and termination

Section 339 of the Civil Code of Quebec establishes as a basic rule that the term of office of a director is one year. The By-law of the immovable usually describe all the terms and conditions specific to the office of director, including the duration of his mandate. Thus, a syndicate of co-owners may,…...



Ethics and code of conduct

The director of a co-ownership is called to play a key role in the sound management of the co-ownership and preservation of co-owners' assets. To strengthen and maintain the relationship of trust with them, every director must be fair, honest and loyal toward the Syndicate and the co-owners. The director must also respect…...



Un gestionnaire sanctionné

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