Definition : Deliberation

Exchange of points of view between many persons to resolve a problem or reach a decision.

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Meeting of the Co-owners

The meeting of co-owners is the gathering of all the co-owners, to make the decisions necessary for the sustainability of the building and the proper functioning of the co-ownership. It is one of the two decision-making bodies of the syndicate. This should be held at least once a year, but it…...



Agenda of the Meeting of co-owners

A General Meeting of the co-owners cannot take place without an agenda. To deliberate in accordance with the Law, co-owners should be able to become aware, before the Meeting, of the questions on the agenda. This the reason why it should be annexed to the notice of call, usually prepared by…...



Minutes of the Meeting of co-owners

The minutes of the meeting are a document of paramount importance to ensure the execution of the decisions of the meeting. Therefore, the decisions taken by co-owners in a general meeting must be recorded and entered in the minutes. This document is essential for a co-ownership because it ensures the…...



How to vote?

  Co-owners must make decisions that are essential for the life of their co-ownership, which cannot be adopted by the board of directors without their consent. To this end, the meeting of co-owners brings together the co-owners or their representatives, at least once a year. In this context, the taking…...



Conduct of the meeting of co-owners

One of the essential moments of co-ownership is undoubtedly that of the meeting of co-owners. It is during this meeting that major decisions of the co-ownership are voted, such as the carrying out of certain works, the sale of a common portion and the modification of the declaration of co-ownership.…...

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Meeting officers

Our last annual general meeting of the co-owners was opened and held by our directors. The trouble is that we do not know how to conduct an assembly. Question: Is a President of the meeting required? Do non-directors have to make notes? And who draws up the minutes?...