Definition : Notice of assessment

Document prepared by the Board of Directors or the Condo manager indicating the amount of the contributions to the general common expenses and, where applicable, to the particular common expenses, as well as the date on which those expenses are due.

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Financial management

The administration of a syndicate of co-owners requires financial expertise, which is vital for the proper functioning of the co-ownership. In collaboration with the board of directors, the condo manager ensures budgetary balance and financial management which includes budget preparation, account management, and the distribution of common expenses (condo fees); he also plays…...



Forecast annual budget

Preparing a forecast annual budget is an unavoidable task in a co-ownership; its preparation, preliminary examination and adoption will ensure the proper functioning of the syndicate of co-owners. It is up to the board of directors to define the terms of the forecast annual budget based on the expenses that will have to be…...



Webradio du 29 mars 2023: Répartition des charges communes

La webradio du mercredi 29 mars 2023 a porté sur le mode de répartition des charges communes entre les copropriétaires. La copropriété donne lieu à des dépenses relatives à l’entretien des parties communes et l’administration courante du syndicat. Les coûts d'administration, d'entretien, de remplacement, d'amélioration ou de transformation des parties communes constituent des…...



Collection of unpaid common expenses

The failure to pay general or special common expenses (condo fees) is one of the most contentious co-ownership’s issues. It is the duty of the board of directors of the syndicate of co-owners to collect them, unless this task has been delegated to the condo manager. When a co-owner's contributions have…...

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Common expenses: allocation and collection

The co-ownership gives rise to expenses relating to the maintenance of the common portions and the day-to-day administration of the syndicate. Administrative, maintenance, replacement, improvement or alteration expenses of the common portions are divided among the co-owners of the immovable. General common expenses are to be distinguished from particular common…...



Mission and powers

It is to the board of directors as a whole, as a decision-making body, that the Civil code of Quebec confers the power to administer the affairs of the syndicate. Individual directors do not have any powers unless they have been specially authorized to do so. All decisions concerning the syndicate, the co-ownership…...

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Notice of assessment (common expenses)

Three months ago, we were called to the annual general meeting of co-owners during which co-owners were consulted on the budget forecast. However since the AGM, we have not received a notice from the Board detailing the amount of our contribution to our co-ownership’s operating budget. Questions: Isn’t the syndicate…...