Definition : Arrears

Amount of money payable by instalment by a co-owner to a syndicate of co-ownership (for common charges or other charges) which is due or owing without having been paid in the prescribed term.

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Unpaid common expenses and obligations of the new owner

Common expenses (condo fees) must be paid by any co-owner. If they don't pay, they are considered "in default". The management of unpaid common expenses in co-ownership is a complex subject, often a source of concern for both syndicates and buyers. Indeed, the latter may find themselves responsible for the…...

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Provisional administrator

The presence of a board of directors is mandatory in a co-ownership. It is the executive body of the syndicate and its legal representative. As for its members, they act as mandataries of the syndicate. Because of the phenomenon of co-ownership in difficulty or dysfunctional, the legislator, through Bill 16,…...



Webradio du 30 septembre 2020: Les charges communes (frais de condo) impayées


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Collection of unpaid common expenses

The failure to pay general or special common expenses (condo fees) is one of the most contentious co-ownership’s issues. It is the duty of the board of directors of the syndicate of co-owners to collect them, unless this task has been delegated to the condo manager. When a co-owner's contributions have…...

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Common expenses: allocation and collection

The co-ownership gives rise to expenses relating to the maintenance of the common portions and the day-to-day administration of the syndicate. Administrative, maintenance, replacement, improvement or alteration expenses of the common portions are divided among the co-owners of the immovable. General common expenses are to be distinguished from particular common…...



Common expenses statement

When selling an immovable, the buyer is required to pay with interest on all common expenses owed by the seller (article 1069 of the Civil Code of Quebec). The syndicate will then be able to claim sums from him that he never thought he would have to pay. However, if…...



Common expenses

Before buying the apartment of your dreams, find out about the status of the common expenses associated with it, especially those that may have remained unpaid by the seller. Common expenses, better known as " condo fees", which you will have to pay once you become a homeowner, are an essential…...