Definition : Apartment

Portion of an immovable, usually comprising several rooms and sanitary facilities, allowing one or more person therein to sleep and to prepare meals. In divided co-ownership, the apartment is generally designated as a private portion in the declaration of co-ownership.

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Duplicate keys

Section 7 of the Charter of human rights and freedoms guarantees the inviolability of a person's home. In principle, no one may have access to a co-owner's apartment without his or her consent; however, it has been rightfully ruled that this rule is not absolute and this is why most declarations…...



Co-ownership fraction

In divided co-ownership, the right of ownership is divided, among the co-owners, by "fractions", each comprising a materially divided private portion (e.g. a residential unit, a parking or storage space, and sometimes even a plot of land) and a share of the common portions. To each fraction is attached an undivided right…...



Private portions and common portions

The characteristic of divided co-ownership is to divide the building into various lots that will be the exclusive property of the co-owners (private portions), and for others that will be the property of all the co-owners (common portions). These lots are identified by an individual number, which was assigned during…...



Certificate of location

Section 1719 of the Civil code of Québec states that the seller must provide the buyer with a copy of the deed of purchase, as well as with a copy of the owner history and of the certificate of location he has on hand. Prepared by a land surveyor, the…...



Co-owner's work

Before starting renovation work in your apartment, keep in mind that you live in a condo. Performing such work requires that you carry out prior verifications. It is necessary to refer to the declaration of co-ownership to know the co-owner’s rights and obligations toward the syndicate. It goes without saying…...



Work not requiring prior authorization

Many co-owners carry out work to renovate their apartments, after moving in, to make them more in tune with their tastes and personalities. Redecorating the premises and integrating new equipment,such as in the kitchen or the bathroom, is a legitimate endeavor. To know the rules to be respected, it is…...