Definition : Abuse of right

Excessive use of a right, resulting in the infringement of the rights of others, while disregarding the requirements of good faith.

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Canceling a decision of the meeting of co-owners

The co-owners have a legal proceeding when they oppose decisions taken by the meeting of co-owners. They generally seek to contest decisions they consider unjustified. In order to promote the stability of the decisions made at the meeting of co-owners, the legislator allows such recourse only in certain circumstances. Thus,…...

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Canceling a decision of the board of directors

At a meeting of the board of directors, directors must not make any decision that is biased, or with the intention of harming the co-owners (or any of them) or disregarding their rights. In case of defect, the co-owners (or a director) can now take legal proceedings to oppose decisions taken by…...

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Abusive conduct by a Syndicate Director

In their dealings with co-owners, board members must act with loyalty and fairness. They must refrain from any gesture that could amount to a settling of scores. This rule of conduct is fundamental and failure to comply with it constitutes a fault that may engage the liability of both the…...

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Civil liability of a director

The juridical personality of the syndicate is distinct from the one of the co-owners and directors. His acts are binding only on himself, besides for the exceptions provided by law. The faults committed by the syndicate have consequences only on its own civil liability and not on the directors. Under these conditions,…...